About Me


Marketing Assistant – Miinto.co.uk, 2012 – 2013

The Mail on Sunday – YOU Magazine, 2012

LOOK Magazine, 2012

The Times Magazine, 2011

Phoenix Magazine, 2011

The Chichester News, 2010

Myfashionlife.com, 2010

Etc. Magazine, 2010

The News Portsmouth, 2009 and 2010

More! Magazine, 2009

The Chichester Observer – Youth Matters Columnist, 2007 – 2008

London Fashion Week – Front of House, 2008

Festivities School Newsletter Bishop Luffa C of E, 2006

The Navy News Portsmouth, 2006

Initiatives Chichester District Council Magazine, 2003


“Our fashion section of the paper includes highlighting the work of young bloggers from around the local area. After being approached by Faye and shown her work, I could see that she had a passion for writing and I was impressed by the quality of her journalism. She has now contributed towards the feature more than once, as I know that she is a reliable person who supplies clear and creative work that engages the reader. She clearly has a great knowledge of fashion, which shines through in her work, and one highlight of my job was seeing a member of the public poring over the fashion page on the week her work was featured in the paper.”

Megan Hedges Sub-editor, The Chichester News

“Faye worked with us for a three-month internship at Myfashionlife.com between mid September and mid December 2010, during which time she helped with all manner of editorial duties. From writing daily shopping guides and fashion features to conducting research and attending industry events on behalf of our company. Faye has proven herself to be extremely enthusiastic, reliable, keen to learn new skills and readily able to apply them to her role. She has an obvious passion for fashion, which she has shown through her diverse editorial work, and her flexible writing style continues to improve day by day. Always willing to get involved, ready to ask questions and able to meet tight deadlines, Faye is personable and proactive, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for future fashion journalism work.”

Emily O’Brien Editor, Myfashionlife.com

“Faye was a pleasure to have in the department. She has a good attitude, is enthusiastic and fitted in well. Faye also worked well in her time with us, and my colleagues who worked closely with her were pleased with her contribution, I would certainly consider employing her.”

Simon Toft Features Editor, The News Portsmouth

“Faye is great, she approached every job with the same commitment, attention to detail and enthusiasm. She was confident and capable, punctual, polite, cheerful and reliable. She made a particular effort to make herself useful to the whole team and was more than happy to help out whenever and however she was needed, which is invaluable in an office as big as ours. I wish her every success with her future.”

Emma Ledger Editorial Assistant, More! Magazine

“Faye contributed articles for our column for more than 18 months. Having always shown an interest in journalism, Faye was delighted to get involved in a column about issues which really mattered to the younger generation. She never failed to meet a deadline and always provided copy which was crisp, imaginative and interesting for the reader, also playing a key role in ensuring the continued success of Youth Matters. Faye always impressed with her enthusiasm for writing and has been sorely missed.”

John Carter Group Deputy Editor, Observer Series – Chichester Observer

“I am genuinely impressed by Faye, and it was a genuine pleasure to have someone here on work experience that worked hard and made a real contribution to the production of the paper. Her writing is clear and effective, with a creative use of language and an imaginative approach. I believe she is capable of making a definite success of her chosen profession. Faye would be very welcome to come back for further work experience in the future.”

Helen Craven Assistant Editor, Navy News Portsmouth



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Trishna says:

    Wow Faye,

    It was an absolute pleasure reading your timeline. I also loved your coverage of BNTM. You are truly living the life I aspire to live.

    On another note I first found your blog via IFB and would love for us to stay in touch via google, bloglovin or twitter.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    • Closetcharms says:

      Thanks for such a lovely comment, it is nice to know people appreciate my blog and what I do – especially all the way in Canada. I am just an intern at the moment but hope to work on a magazine in the future. I have twitter which is on the left hand side of my blog if you want to follow, and I would be happy to follow you back. Unfortunately I have not got bloglovin or google yet though.
      Stay in touch.
      Faye x

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