I doubt I am the only girl who has suffered from their fair share of bad hair days, and in an attempt to keep all the natural goodness of my hair I do my best to stick to washing it every other day too. So how do I keep my hair tidy, out of my eyes and on trend on these bad hair in-between-wash days? Well the topknot might be the perfect ‘IT’ do, answering all of our quick and easy hair needs this season.

A breath of fresh air from the scruffy bun, and a welcomed move away from the tiresome ponytail (yawn), the topknot is suitable for our inner sartorial slacker, a casual yet stylish weekend look, or for an uber special event. And what I also love about this hair do is how effortlessly it can be adapted to many an occasion, from work to home, and day-to-night, the edgy or polished, anyone and every one of any age can have fun, and look good with this style.


Audrey Hepburn

Keri Russell

Annalynne McCord


Simply put your head upside after brushing your hair and make a loose ponytail on the top of your head, then wind the ponytail around until it forms into a bun and tie. Then shake it out if you want a relaxed look, or secure in place with hairpins if you are going for a smarter look. Finally finish with a spritz of your favourite hairspray.


Why not add an Alice band, bando, or wrap a scarf around your head to add a bit of individuality to your topknot, and finish your outfit off with a personal touch.


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