Couture yourself…

I mentioned in my last post that Juicy Couture was one of my favourite shops in New York city. In the past I had always associated Juicy Couture with rather chavvy attire (think lots of bling, gimmicky logos and plush tracksuits), but I am pleased to say that I was rather pleasantly surprised and impressed. The quality of the clothes was impeccable, and the shop resembled a little palace fit for a fashion princess – unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of it though.

I only managed to afford a headband, although it was still a rather gorgeous fascinator design that makes me feel like the real life Blair Waldorf of the Upper East Side every time I put it on. Here are just some of my other favourite pieces from the shop – let’s hope they can be stocked in, or at least shipped to the UK very soon  – please click on the links to be taken directly to their online store.


1. Studded fleece dress

2. Ruffle collar jacket

3. Military ponte leggings


1. Velour leopard daydreamer bag

2. Luxe faux fur daydreamer bag

3. Luxe polka dot daydreamer bag

4. Quilted medium duchess

5. Lena small leather tote with chain

6. Lena polka dot tote with bow

7. Velvet studded drawcord bag


1. CZ heart crown studs

2. Ribbon and chain bracelet

3. Turquoise cabachon necklace

I was also quite fond of the Juicy Couture fragrances Peace Love & Juicy Couture (see above), and Couture Couture. Plus their selection of watches, charms and key fobs are also super trendy and cute, and would make perfect little gifts for friends and family, or even if you just fancy treating yourself.

Please visit to see what else they have to offer!

*Juicy Couture fall/ winter 2010 ad campaign.


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