Interview with Inspiring Interns…

As you know I have worked as an intern for for nearly three months now, and was recently interviewed by Inspiring Interns about my internship for their newsletter.

Here is my interview…

20 Second Interview – My Internship:

Faye Craig
Favourite colour
I am obsessed with black and gold at the moment, I know that is not really a colour though.
Fashion, fashion, fashion! Also writing for my blog, shopping, reading magazines and other blogs, yoga and socialising (when I actually have time!)
10 GCSE’s, 3 A Levels and 1 AS, a Journalism degree and NCTJ’s (journalism qualifications) in both media law exams, and both current affairs exams.
Career goal
To be a fashion editor of some sort, or ideally just work on ELLE magazine – I’d just be happy working in fashion really. My dream would be to report or sit in the front row of a Giorgio Armani show. I have always said I would be happier working on some low key fashion blog or website than working on a national paper in news. I would also love to try my hand at fashion PR too, Giorgio Armani or the Chanel press office would be another dream.
What was your internship role?
Fashion intern for fashion blog. I have daily posts, and one longer weekly one, and also get to go events on behalf of the blog. I am balancing this with working full time in retail too which is very hard work with Christmas coming up as we need to make the most out of affiliate sales, but I am ambitious and am happy to push myself to reach where I want to get to.
Best bit of your internship
Helping out and working at Britain’s Next Top Model Live. I got a press pass, and entry into the green room / free entry into the catwalk and events etc. I also got to model the outfits for the workshop we worked at.
Worst bit of your internship
Juggling it around with my other paid job. I need money to support myself now and am saving to move to London – so need to work whilst doing the internship! Fortunately I work from home a lot, but on some days I work 9.30 – 6 and then go home and have to write up five pieces! It’s full on!
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Working in London for a fashion magazine – fingers crossed for ELLE.
Describe yourself in fewer than three words
Ambitious, hard-working, and dedicated.

Inspiring Interns November 2010 Newsletter



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