This is just a little update to firstly apologise for my lack in posts in the last couple of weeks – I have been working two jobs and balancing a uni post-grad application form. I have also just accepted a fashion internship with for three months where I will be covering September London Fashion Week 10 (I am already invited to cover the Zandra Rhodes exhibition on Monday), writing trend updates/ favourite purchases and ‘get the look pieces’, attending events, shows, exhibitions and parties on behalf of the website, and while I work out my notice period at Oasis, complete my application form and start this internship things are going to be busier than ever. However even when my application form is sent, and I am working one job (I start 3/4 full-time at M Butterfly after I finish working for Oasis), I will be writing for my internship Monday – Fridays so things will still be very busy, and I predict a halt in posts. Instead please check out my pieces on as of Monday the 20th – listed under the name Faye Craig. You can also follow at You can also email me at for anything myfashionlife related.




  1. Angela says:

    HEy Congrats on your internship, it will be amazing I am sure!
    I just came across your blog and I have to say that I know every single quote from Sex and The City and for the life of me I did not know the one you have on your sidebar! I love it!


  2. Closetcharms says:

    Hey thanks!!! It is in the episode at the end when she first of all starts writing for Vogue! Btw love your blog x

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