I have struggled to think of a summer topic recently as a few early autumn/ winter trends have overshadowed my summer wardrobe – but with the weather switching from hot to cool why can’t we prepare ourselves for the winter ahead?

If there was one main thing I look forward too in the winter it would be ‘winter fashion’ – I am in love with metallics – gold and silver, lace, embellishment, and all types of hosiery. However at heart I am a summer baby, born in the middle of June, who cannot stand the wind, rain or any sort of cold weather. I moan about the weather most of the year except for those very few sunny days, and the snow and icy spell we had earlier this year was my version of a nightmare. This though is my first free week of no plans, and time off work since I finished uni, and I seem to have fallen into a rather cosy mentality. Applying for work experience and internships under my duvet, tea in hand (and I am not even a big tea drinker), watching episode after episode of Sex and the City and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on rerun. In fact the rain and wind outside has never seemed so comforting, a pleasurable break from the sunny and hot weather, and a welcome excuse to put my feet up and just do ‘nothing’ – a well-earned, and much-needed rest.

However despite having a lack of funds I now have a huge desire to be whisked away to the fashion capitals of Paris and New York in the height of winter, and true to my new winter fairytale these new trends not only boast city chic, but are sure to keep us toasty in the coming months (when we will probably be wishing it was summer all over again).


My perfect summer – autumn/ winter crossover outfits – these images have been taken from {this is glamorous}.

Embellishment and hosiery…

Emily Blunt for ELLE UK the September 2010 issue.

Lace and hosiery…


The perfect winter coat…

Faux fur made an appearance last year and seems to have returned this year. I have always been rather dubious of the use of fur on the runway because of my strong feelings for animal rights, and real fur is something I doubt I will ever condone, but faux is something very different. These are my two favourite faux fur coats from Topshop, one of which I hope will make a lovely Christmas present…

Topshop Grey Faux Textured Fur Car Coat £95.00

Topshop Petite Leopard Fur Coat £98.00 – 100% Modacrylic

Capes and wool mix coats in neutral shades such as camel, cream and chocolate are also beginning to make an appearance, while the trench coat always proves to be a popular choice for every season – warm but lightweight and waterproof (think Audrey Hepburn).

Oasis Ruffle Neck Trench Coat in Chocolate Brown £45.00

Every winter wardrobe needs a bit of sparkle…

Every autumn/ winter outfit needs a bit of sparkle – jewellery, shoes, jackets, dresses, skirts or tops. Embellishment is always perfect for the party season and can be worn anyway, every way. For a night out go all out with an embellished – beaded, studded or sequined dress (but remember to tone down on the accessories), or add a bit of sparkle with a top or skirt for a day to bar look. From high fashion to the high street, and vintage to DIY, this is a simple trend for any wardrobe.

Oasis Fan Embellished Vest – was £70.00 now £35.00

Oasis Black Studded Crop Top – was £35.00 now £20.00

Oasis Zip-Through Sequin Mini Skirt at ASOS – was £80.00 now £24.00

Wheels & Dollbaby at ASOS Sequin Rock Jacket – was £320.00 now £160.00

*Closetcharms favourite.

Lace and hosiery…

The underwear as outerwear trend has been huge this year and seems to have the staying power to last the next season. Lace is a key player with this look and again varies from vintage inspired dresses to jumpers and tops – making it easy for us to find that lace fix. Hosiery also works with this look with lace stockings, leggings and tights, but why stop there? There is a wealth of patterned tights now available with polka-dot to bows, hearts and seam-back tights to funky and colourful prints for the sophisticated, sexy, flirty and playful.

Oasis Pale Camel Lace Neck Top £40.00

*Closetcharms favourite.

Oasis Black Victoriana Lace Shell Top £40.00

Yumi at ASOS Lace Dress with Metallic Detail £55.00

ASOS Lace Top Hold Ups £8.00

ASOS Black Solid Lace Tights £10.00

Red comes back for more…

Red is another big winner for the season (as it was last year), again varying from pillar-box to cherry and scarlett. It has been used as the base colour for dresses, skirts, tops and handbags as well as scarves and shoes – making it easy for any of us to find our perfect shade.

My two favourite pieces…

Oasis Mid Red 60s Bow Shift £50.00’s-Bow-Shift/Dresses/oasis/fcp-product/4470069636

Oasis Formal Tumbled Dita Bag £35.00


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  1. estefania p says:

    Love emliy blunt!!! she is gorgeous!

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