I turned 21 last month and graduated earlier this week, so it is official I am no longer of student status, I am a post-graduate – a rather scary thought (no more student discount either), time goes too quickly sometimes, but what should I do with all my extra free time?

While my friends and coursemates have decided to go straight into journo related work, I have my eyes peeled on some further study in the future to help build contacts, and focus on my specific area of interest. However I do have a few plans in the pipeline for the next year or two to keep me busy. With my ever diminishing bank account it is important that I keep on the move so I will be keeping my four hours at Oasis in Portsmouth, as well as working part-time at M Butterfly in Chichester (just started and on a one month trial). There is also freelance and temping work which I would like to look into, and I already have a placement lined up at my local lifestyle magazine Etc. I might even be able to return to previous publications to do some volunteering (or paid work if I am lucky and ask nicely) as well. I would love to get another week on the fashion pages of a national magazine or in the press departments of high street stores like Topshop or Oasis (or perhaps high fashion), so that is something else to work towards. An internship would also be a great way to get some long-term work experience, and I am hoping that I can update this blog with at the very least one post a week – so no excuses for sitting on Facebook all day.

Here are a few snaps from my graduation…


Greg James from Radio 1.

*Dress is by Pixie Lott for Lipsy £65, shoes are by Brenda J from ZigZag in Chichester £29.99, clutch bag by Accessorize from 5 years ago, and pearl earrings from Freedom at Topshop 2 years ago, bangles Collette at Oasis price unknown.


BA (hons) Journalism class of 2010…

*Dress is by Helene Berman London, picked up at ELLE Fashion Weekend September 09.

Professional ball photograph is by ‘think photography’ and permissions have been given to use it, the other images are all my own or my friends – please do not copy for personal usage.


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