Don’t be ‘CLUELESS’ about style…

The bubble-gum pop of Boy bands, Spice Girls, and Aqua. The Crystal Maze, Blind Date, Fresh Prince, and Baywatch, to name but a few of the iconic groups and TV shows from the nineties – and I seriously do not feel shy when saying that I actually enjoyed growing up in the nineties. However I feel ashamed to say that I have only just watched one of the classic high school, teen rom-com movies – CLUELESS (1995).

A parody of Jane Austen’s Emma, the film follows Cher (Alicia Silverstone), a rich, blonde, superficial, and popular high school sophomore in Beverly Hills, who plays match-maker and makeover with new girl Tai (played by the late Brittany Murphy). The film also stars Paul Rudd (Mike from Friends) as Cher’s love interest, and Donald Faison (Turk from Scrubs) as her best friend Dionne’s boyfriend.

One thing that stood out in my mind is the cute, and preppy nineties fashion style of Cher, and how a few of her key trends have done a quick loop around to today’s high street, over ten years since the film was originally made. Rich with tartans, cardigans, knee-high socks, blazers, smock dresses, pinafores, alice bands, ballerina pumps, and more.

Here are a few items from the high street that will bring some ‘Cher-ness’ to our modern wardrobes…

Petites Berry Bow Front Dres, £35 Miss Selfridge

HI! by Henry Holland – pink & grey check blazer £40 at Debenhams

Dogtooth Dress £40 Miss Selfridge

Lace Insert Smock Dress, Topshop £50

Cream Lace Bodycon Dress £22 Miss Selfridge

NW3 By Hobbs Grandad Long Sleeve Top £35 at ASOS

Betty Bow Alice Band £8 Accessorize,5,shop,accessorize,hairaccz,alicebands

Giant Slinky Faux Pearl Drop Earrings £7 Accessorize,5,shop,accessorize,accessorizejewellery,accessorizeearrings

Ruffle Longline Shirt ASOS £28

Oasis Double Brested Boyfriend Blazer £85

Curve Sequin Shirt Dress Topshop, £120

Gingham Skirt Topshop, £35

ASOS Pelerine Lace Frill Ankle Socks £3

Costume Dept. Lace Leggings £35 ASOS

Urban Knit Knee High Socks £10 Topshop

Amarlia Pewter Flat £28 Faith

Adivat Brogue £60 Faith

For more inspiration please see the trailer…



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