Let’s Eat Fashion Cake…

Since Gossip Girl graced our screens a year or two ago, magazines, newspapers and online blogs have naturally gone somewhat crazy over Blair, Serena and Jenny’s wardrobe. However in a new spin on the much talked about attire I would like to focus on the work of fictional designer Eleanor Waldorf, who is quite capable of creating a new wave of fresh-faced style for the fashion scene. In one particular fashion show which was aired on Wednesday 31st March 2010 on ITV2, sees Eleanor return to New York to launch her first Young Fashions collection. A number of key trends that were featured can be effortlessly applied to our summer wardrobes. Think cute shorts and dresses, geek chic glasses, and vintage hats mixed with dainty chiffons, silks and quirky prints. These are neatly nestled through an aroma of sunflower yellow, baby boy blue, and pastel nudes, plus a hint of classic blanc/ noir – a touch of My Fair Lady or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Deadmau5 also provided a perfect backdrop of funky, dance electro beats, with Hi Friend and FML to give the clothes a true up-to-date contemporary feel. However while many of you maybe asking why this girl is sat reviewing a fictional fashion show, then think again, as the collection is actually designed by the very real, living and talented designer Abigail Lorick. So let’s put aside the dress of our favourite character and replace with some true Manhattan style. 

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection…permissions have been given to use the images.

For the full Spring 10 collection please visit http://loricknewyork.com/#/collections. Please also follow this link to Youtube for a short clip of the Gossip Girl fashion show  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knbybXGnRX4&feature=player_embedded  

Here is another quick video from NYLON TV of Lorick’s Spring 09 collection which I also love, and only just found – what was I doing last year? Neurotica springs to mind. Excuse Peaches, but let them eat Fashion cake… 


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