We all have our own little beauty regimes and fashion habits, here is a quick list of some of my quirky tips and tricks…  

1. Add serum/ product as usual and style your fringe – if you have one, but then rough dry your hair and put it up in a scruffy bun. Take down after a few hours for instant volume, it also saves your hair from everyday GHD curling torture.

2. If you have a ladder in your tights put some clear nail varnish either side of it to stop it from running, or forming a hole.

3. Put too much product on your hair? and your hair looks greasy even though it is freshly washed? …always a big pain if you are in a rush.  Instead of having to wash it all over again just add some dry shampoo – it works in just the same way as if your hair has gone oily or greasy after a few days of no washing.

4. Invest in a mini handbag size tit tape and sewing kit or sewing machine for the house – it saves wardrobe disasters, money and time in the long run. Mend holes, hems, buttons, and learn how to do take ins and other alterations, you also feel a bit of a personal satisfaction and triumph, whilst keeping your sanity.

5. Carmex carmex carmex for lips whether dry, chapped, sunburnt or a simple undercoat to lipstick or gloss – it is my saviour and I really could not live without it or leave it behind. I also feel rather passionate about exfoliating and moisturising .

6. Wear thick socks when trying to break in your heels – they stretch and loosen the leather without making them bigger. Gel cushions are also every girls best friend.

7. Sandwich your nail varnish between two layers of clear nail varnish. The undercoat protects your nails from nail varnish staining and the overcoat protects the varnish from chipping and also makes it last longer.

8. Rub a freshly cut lemon into your elbows, knees and feet to help with dry skin or discoloring.

9. For perfect clean teeth try TePes (found in most Boots and Superdrug stores, or at the dentist). They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are amazing for cleaning between your teeth and in all of those hard to reach places. I had to use them when I had braces and have not looked back since.

10. Instead of spraying your hair with hairspray, apply hairspray to your hands and then scrunch it into your hair to style – this will make your curls look more natural and free without looking too harsh and stuck together.

11. Kiss some toilet paper after applying lipstick to take off the first layer and make your lips look more natural. Then add a gloss.

12. Try to cut or file your nails every week – every time I have a manicure I get compliments about the great condition of my nails.

13. Avoid wearing make up and washing/ styling your hair everyday – if you are at home for a day then take advantage of going all out natural and detoxify your skin and hair.

14. Wear matching underwear and the right size bra – if you feel sexy on the inside your will appear sexy on the outside.

15. Brush your hair before bed or at least comb it out in the shower – keep your scalp healthy, hair glossy and reduce tangles – which cause split ends. Try a wide toothed comb as well as these lessen the risk of split ends too.

16. A neutral soap with a roll on – anti black mark/ also neutral, then use a body spray and a perfume – the power of 3.

17. Keep your face out of the sun, or at least add lots of suncream – this is the one area you will wish you protected when those wrinkles start appearing.

18. A sun hat is the most amazing invention in the summer – sunburnt scalp? OUCH!!! Also when it starts to peel – who wants to look like they have dandruff?

19. Powder mineral foundation – for those days you don’t want to use foundation/ tinted moisturiser, let your skin breath…

20. Handwash and drip dry your bras – this will help stop them from losing shape.



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