Have you ever fancied investing in a tattoo but pause at the thought of the pain or the permanence? The Spring/ Summer 2010 runway may have harnessed the perfect scenario. From Chanel to Rodarte, London to Paris four designers showcased a variety of temporary tattoos ranging from transfer to paint and even hosiery, setting a strong trend for the coming season.

The origin of the tattoo is somewhat a blurred path, but they are now considered a popular form of modern art, representing and reflecting a group or person’s character and individuality. In fact these permanent imprints can play a big part in self-expression as well as purely decorating one’s body. While it maybe a loved ones name you have tattooed on your wrist, your favourite teams logo, band artwork or a simple symbol, the possibilities for tattoo design seem endless today. Henna adornment is also a huge part of cultural and social celebrations in India and the eastern Mediterranean, it is even now possible to try henna in your own home with home-made D.I.Y kits or receive a henna tattoo while on holiday.

Despite these positive attributes a stigma also surrounds the tattoo, with associations of shaved heads in trackies or drug taking punk-rockers, there is no question that a tattoo may seem intimidating. However could it be that these collections present a new chic, albeit rock inspired, image towards tattoos.

The four main designers reinventing this old stigma include the classic Chanel, Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier and Marchesa, each with their own unique spin on the tattoo.

1. Chanel

Delicate transfer tattoos containing floral patterns, dangling chains and jewels with the Chanel logo.

2. Rodarte

Body paint was used to create alternative Maori-like tribal inspired tattoos.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier

The faces, arms and chests of models were decorated with gangster lettering as a harsh contrast to their delicate frames as part of his hip-hop denim couture. He even paid homage to blockbuster hit Avatar with multi-plaited hairstyles drawn from Narvi, Amazonian tattoos, and tropical, jungle motifs.

4. Marchesa

A fresh take on the tattoo sees temporary tattoo designs sketched and printed on skin coloured tights; instant tattoo appeal but with minimal mess and pain.   

*Chanel temporary tattoos will hit Selfridges, boutiques and concessions on March 1st, but I predict quick copy-cat sifting hitting the high-street by summer.

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  1. The Chanel tattoo decals are stunning! So delicate and feminine, sexy and alluring. Love them. As the proud owner of 5 real tattoos, the reaction I often get from people is shock. My look is “normal”, and my ink is unexpected. I love that contrast. As far as the tattoo process, its slightly messy, and how painful it is really depends on individual pain tolerance. I,personally, don’t mind the pain. I’ve invested several hundreds of dollars in my body art, and have never once regretted it. Its a process for me, picking the right design, and putting it in the right place. Good placement is crucial to the outcome of your art.

  2. graveyardsandgrasslands says:

    Hey, I do think that some of the tattoos are lovely on the models! I think that tattoos and piercings can be really lovely but I also feel that young people now are so pressured to stand out and the culture of today is all about who’s looking at you and how many people care about what you’re doing… I think so many teenages feel that the only option they have to make themselves stand out is to go one stage further than everyone else, and often for as cheap as possible! I think body art and modification can be amazing, (the lady above sounds like a true body art lover) but it can be so permanent, and there are so many bad or DIY tattoos around! It really takes thought and planning and an artist with standards and soul to make inspirational body art! :oD

  3. shammisarwan says:

    I really like these Chanel temporary tattoos.. I would love to see more range of Chanel Temporary Tattoos by you in near future. My best wishes

    are with you & I’m sure you can rock this fashion body industry.

    Shammi Sarwan
    (Designer – Buzz Temporary Tattoos)
    (Manufacturers & Exporters of all kind of Temporary Tattoos, Crystal Tattoos, Water Transfer Tattoos & Other fake glitter body tattoos)

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