Lady Gaga is not only slowly becoming a music icon after scooping three Brit awards this year (as well as a number of Grammy and MTV awards), but is also carving a name for herself as one of the 21st centuries biggest fashion icons. She has also been crowned the most downloaded artist in our digital age – that is in UK chart history. I received The Fame Monster as a christmas present last year and it quickly shot to a number one status in my CD collection after the first play through, however I have not as of yet been able to afford to go and see her live – maybe next year when I am off a student budget. Apart from her growing as an extremely talented musical artist her unique wardrobe is making its own name for itself.

Gaga has repeatedly stated how fashion is a huge inspiration to her and her music, and that fashion, music, art and performance lay hand in hand. She also quoted “in the deepest hour of the night, I confess to myself three things; I would die if I was forbidden to write, forbidden to love, or forbidden to fashion” when talking about her Dr Dre headphones Heartbeats. In fact I would be very excited if she ever decided to release her own fashion label.

These are my top 6 Lady Gaga fashion moments from the past couple of years, and how to get her style from the high-street;

1. A key futuristic look; Gaga is not shy of experimenting with new and unusual structures and shapes. Space age eighties inspired dresses and jackets have been seen on runways, celebrities and in high-street stores, this elongated shoulder jacket now £70 from ASOS, originally £190 highlights the best from the trend or if your daring try this ASOS jumpsuit for £55

Add these statement leather coloured gloves from ASOS for £49.95 to complete the outfit 

2. An ongoing trend from last winter sees underwear constantly being worn as outerwear. Try this vintage bralet from Topshop for £20

3. The famous ‘hair bow’ became a Gaga statement (which nearly all of us tried to copy), why not invest in an oversized bow alice band like this one for £6 from Accessorize,5,shop,accessorize,hairaccz,alicebands 

Or for something a little different try this ASOS pink polka dot clip for £5 to give your own spin on the look with an instant Gaga edge 

Gaga has also been seen in a number of glasses from plain glass geek specs to retro ravers, have a look at to find your perfect pair.

4. Why this may not be the most suitable outfit to wear day-to-day it has become somewhat un acceptable to expect anything less from Gaga. This origami dress has been taken from designer Thierry Mugler, and while it would be impossible to find anything similar on the high-street, invest in some fake eye lashes to immediately add some gaga-ness to your life. I wear Nadine’s from the Girls Aloud range but there are a number of styles – all available in most Boots and Superdrug stores, or online at Miss. Selfridge which can be found at 

5. This fuchsia pink dress was worn at the 2009 Brit awards. Why not add a candy pink lipstick to your makeup bag to take away the best elements (candy lips and pink dress) from the look.

6. Leotards (now called bodies) have been a key statement piece for Lady Gaga so it’s a must have for any Gaga inspired wardrobe, try this long-sleeved black one from ASOS for £22 100=Bodies&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black also seen in Topshop, or this lattice cut out body again from ASOS for only £18

This design is also taken from the Sugababes About A Girl  video. Or for another spin on the trend invest in a two-tone mesh cut out body – think Cheryl Cole; look on eBay for a decent bargain as ASOS is almost sold out (and for something really retro try and scoop a disco mirror ball bra – think Just Dance video – if you are lucky enough to find one in your size).

Leather gloves have also been seen on nearly every Gaga outfit so try these fingerless gloves for £16 from Topshop (as an alternative to the coloured gloves above)

To complete the look just add a statement belt, ASOS as usual have the best to offer ranging from studs to tassels.


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