I worked as a volunteer for OnOff at London Fashion Week in september 2008, but I prewarn anyone who is interested in putting their names forward –  it is far from all the glitz and glamour that many people expect (but totally worth it nonetheless). One of the first tasks I was given was to find and buy around 30 cartons of cranberry juice for an evening party from the local supermarkets, and carry boxes of Fiji water backstage. I worked muscles that I cannot even feel working at the gym. The rest of the week was spent making tea for the models backstage, filling goody bags (hoping that there would be some left over for us volunteers at the end of the week) as well as de rigging the catwalk and working front of house for the fashion exhibition. Over half of the volunteers had left by mid-week, but when I felt like I wanted to quit I would sneak into a fashion show to see how all of our hard work had paid off. One show that has always stood out in my mind was the Rocky S and Falguni and Shane Peacock S/S 2009 collection which showcased at the end of the week. The lights dimmed and I catapulted into an array of indian textures and fabrics through a never-ending rainbow of stones, sequins and silk trimmings. The models were glowing, their delicate frames floating over the catwalk in a mist of colour. Every print and pattern told a unique story, with all the spectators being pulled into a world which awakened the senses to feelings of passion, excitement and pleasure. We were given a taste of a different culture leaving us thirsty, wanting more, and desiring to indulge (it was rather like falling in love with fashion all over again) which is why this collection has become my favourite fashion moment.

Here is the best from the Falguni and Shane Peacock ready-to-wear Spring/ Summer 2010 collection…

Top five trends;

1. Bright and bold colours

2. Flamboyant prints

3. Animalistic foundations – feathers

4. Floaty and feminine edges mixed with structural and statement shapes

5. Sequins, studs and trinkets

…I am saving now (a girl can dream).


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