Contender for No.1 Vogue Cover?

Sifting through the book aisles in Waterstones the other day I came across a book entitled ‘Vogue Covers’ – an archive of some of Vogue’s most popular covers from the last couple of decades. I took a note of my favourite (March 2003 – UK edition) and tracked it down on the web to showcase it on Closetcharms.

The vibrant colours seemed to catch my eye and call out to me fun, youth and vitality, making my want to jump into the issue myself. Living in a very saturated, and magazine heavy society, despite every models, editors or photographers job of creating a unique cover, it may seem difficult to create one that will always stand out in front of the rest. Everytime I buy a magazine I look forward to opening a fresh, crisp, and exciting edition which will quench my thirst for fashion or the like, and this cover made me want to go back a few years and buy this very edition. Whether it is simply the bold colours, iconic summer imagery (always partial to an eighties vibe – club Tropicana) or even the freedom Natasha Vojnovic, the model evokes, I wanted to grab this copy from the shelves and read it from cover to cover.



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