On my way home the other day I suddenly began to think about those special wardrobe pieces that one simply just cannot live without. Those magic pieces that will always give a new outfit an instant sparkle, the pieces that will always give you that warm feeling, just like the very first day you slipped them on, and the old faithfuls which you will always convince yourself still carries some life.

My black leather boots are scuffed and yet with some regular polishing I bring them back to life every time I slip them on in the morning. The sleeves of my grey hoody (the one hoody I will actually wear, I’m not much of a hoody girl) has also shrunk in the many washes but its endless use means that I will put up with the rolled up sleeves because it goes so well with the rest of my wardrobe, whether it be black skinny jeans, leggings and a dress or a short denim skirt and my black leather jacket (another dream item I cannot live without – the hood means my hair stays in perfect condition before a night out, and pairing with some blue ripped skinnies during the day gives me an instant rock chic look; minimal effort) or a trip to the gym with my grey jogging pants, I refuse to put it in my storage loft pile until I find one almost identical which can replace it.

A selection of vest tops in various colours is an essential for layering, as well as cardigans in all the key neutral colours. My black woolly beanie hat has also become somewhat a part of me, to the point that my friends joke if by one day I have left it at home – well it keeps my fringe in place. My over the knee socks also keep my toes toasty and when worn with a dress or skirt add an instant edge, and a string of pearls seems to go with any outfit, casual and evening wear. A girl can never get far without a classic pair of black heels either – mine come in the shape of TOPSHOP shoe boots (gel cushions also work a treat).

As for the dress – a short black lace LBD has taken me through many great nights this year. I have reached the point where I am actually beginning to sew the lace back together, but no other dress can replace it and it is the one item that I will instantly refuse anyone borrowing. Worn for the first time on new years 08-09, I kissed the first guy since I broke up with my last boyfriend, and every time I wear it, I wear the same confidence  I wore that night. My mum calls it ‘the’ dress, and my friend quoted it as the dress that ‘should be lying on the floor’. When I put it on and look in the mirror I can see the girl who I want to be, and after a year it still makes me feel exactly the same as it did on last new years, because it makes me feel good about myself.

These photographs were taken at Doubletake in Southampton and naturally the lace dress was a key piece for the shoot! 

As for the dark depths of my makeup bag, I am not a big foundation girl – I have worn it for some photo shoots, and yes it looks amazing, but somehow my skin always feels suffocated if I wear it during the day. I opt for a miracle primer and tinted moisturiser, and a mineral foundation powder on a lazy day, with a touch of under eye concealer. As for mascara, I am a big fan of thick black long volumised lashes, at the moment I am using two mascaras, one for curling, the other adds a black pigment to make them ‘blacker than black’ – so the label says anyway (usually I will use one for volumisation – if that is even a word, but the curling one I got free as part of an ELLE magazine subscription). For my lips, its CARMEX all the way, for nights out I’ll add some pink lippie, and a pink gloss post pre-drinks and in the club, and not forgetting the eyeliner pencil and a touch of rosy pink bronzing blusher. Smokey eyes are kept for work and nights out. I can’t seem to leave the house without moisturising either, I use vaseline essential moisture and cover my whole body from head to toe every morning – and it always seems to make everything better.

Just add the GHD’s for some lose curls  (always remembering a heat protector and regular treatments to keep my hair in good condition…a good trim and re-roots goes a long way too, let’s try to forget the price) and I am good to go…well for the very basics anyhow, and yet I still feel like I have missed something.



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