SUNKISSED…if only for just one day

This product review was written for a lifestyle unit at uni…

As ever our British summer has either come too early or too late for any of us to truly enjoy the holidays…unless we are lucky enough to be jetting off to somewhere hot, the up and down classic British climate makes it even harder for anyone of us to catch some rays, and get that summer glow feeling.

So if you are suffering from the lack of sunshine in your life, here is a short product review I wrote for a lifestyle journalism unit at uni last year…

Sunkissed…if only for just one day!!!

Its summer time again, the bikinis are out and we are all competing for the most natural – and less orange looking tan. Un blessed with fair skin I tend to spend the summer looking like a lobster or hiding in the shade, but with all those fake tan products over filling our shelves I thought to myself, maybe there is a less painful, and healthier way to get a good tan this year. L’Oreal’s new sublime instant one day bronzing tan for face, body or legs promises a summer glow in just a few minutes.  A fake tan virgin I was rather dubious of turning streaky. Even though it was rather like rubbing chocolate into my skin, I did warm to the sickly sweet caramel looking gel. However I was very impressed to how easy the gel was to use, rubbing it into my skin just like a normal moisturiser. Once the gel had dried, it did lighten and my legs did look tanned. Depending on how light or dark you want your tan to be, you can rub as much or as little of it into your skin as you need to. This makes it perfect for a special occasion when you need an extra colour boost for a party or date, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it washed off allowing you to touch up any mistakes. It did not look perfectly even up close but practice does make perfect, just add in a good exfoliation to even it out and avoid streaks. 

(For those of you who do have the pleasure of jetting off to somewhere hot soon, I would just like to tell you about Hawaiian tropics tanning oil that my friend introduced me to before I went to spain. Being naturally fair-skinned I never thought I would see the day I had a natural tan, but I used this product when I was away and the results were amazing. Apply suncream first then add-on top…it not only protects your skin but helps you to tan (and the layer of suncream underneath gives extra protection). I did not burn once and have received many comments about how brown I look.)



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